Reminder: Meeting of the Friends of the Scottsville Library

Dear Friends,
Please join the Friends of the Scottsville Library on
Sat Jan 22,  3pm – 4pm  at the Scottsville Library.
There are three items on the agenda:
Our 2010 success stories (10 minutes)
What’s going on (adult and youth program (10 minutes)
Where we hope to be going in the digital age. (10 – 40 minutes)
Please remember that $1 annual dues must be paid in advance of the meeting if you are to have voting privileges (if there are voting issues.)
Hope to see you there, and Happy New Year.
Laurel Greene, President, Friends of the Scottsville Library

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January Meeting – All come!

The library will host the monthly meeting of the Friends of the Scottsville Library, January 22nd, 3pm. Come get involved with our library, there is much to do, and a fun group to do it with!  Lets start the new year with a plan,  and volunteers to make it happen!


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Scottsville Friends of the Library Cookbook is Available!

Hello everyone…the Scottsville Associate Friends of the Library cookbook is done and printed (a mouthful in more ways than one!)

We will hold a small celebration and grand kick-off for sales at the library, Saturday, December 11th from 12-1pm and later on at the Christmas party at Victory  Hall on Main Street the same Saturday from 6-7pm.

There will be light refreshments and of course, cookbooks for sale.  (At just $10 each that’s a steal…  about 10 cents a recipe!).

This cookbook has been a labor of  culinary love and an education in editing and publishing.   Treats for all to try!   Thanks to all who contributed!


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Letter from the President of the Friends of The Scottsville Library

November 10, 2010


To:  Friends of the Scottsville Library


From:  Laurel Greene, President of “Scottsville Friends”



Officers met on November 9.  We are delighted to be able to tell you that we have raised over $4,000 for our library.  We netted over $3100 at the sale, the generous folks sponsoring “Run for Reading” donated $870, additional internet sales and private donations account for the remainder.  Our treasurer will give us specifics at the general meeting.


Funds from the above will be used by the Scottsville Library to buy out-of-print books and to pay for programs not funded by JMRL or the state.  Our library manager will receive funds twice each year and will account to the Scottsville Friends at the end of each period as to how the funds were spent.  She may request additional funds for a specific project which would be subject to approval by the Scottsville Friends board.


In order to allow time for the development of a new electronic media program, the general meeting has been scheduled for mid-December.  (Remember to pay your $1.00 annual dues if you want to vote at that meeting.)


Thank you all for your generous donations of time, money, and books, but most of all, thank you for your interest in keeping our library available now and in the future.




Laurel Greene



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What are you doing this Saturday?

We’ve had overwhelming response from the Scottsville area community in support of our first book sale.  As book lovers you’ll find plenty here to enjoy – casual reading, exceptional non-fiction, politics, history, literature, sports, religious, spiritual, cooking, gardening, crafts, gift books, children’s books…well, you know how book sales are.

Please drop by if you can.  Stop at the Farmers Market for some great produce, watch a little soccer, and come on in and look at the books.  Come early, pick up some great books, then head back to “Martha’s Market” for the afternoon.  Great way to spend a day.

The details:

Friends of the Scottsville Library Book Sale
Saturday, Oct 9, 9 to 5
Old Scottsville School Gym
Thousands of books under $3
Hundreds of children’s books under $1
Specialty books, gift books,
something for everyone.
Raffle, too

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The Friends of the Scottsville Library Book Sale is Almost Here!

Hello all!
The sale is a mere three weeks away and I am lining up people from our
list to help out on three dates, including the date before the dale,  the date of the sale,  and the date
The day before the sale we will transport about 200+ boxes from their
storage place in Fluvanna to the Old Scottsville School gym. I have lined
up five people with five cars or trucks and three handcarts. We will need
additional help in putting up a lot of tables, unloading the boxes and
putting the books on the appropriate tables. Carole and Dotti have
already volunteered for that and will be there at 1 PM. We need quite a
few more. If you can help anytime between noon and 6 PM, please let me
know. There will be a fair amount of sorting since many of the boxes will
say “Mixed non fiction”.

On the day of the sale (October 9) we are looking for cashiers and floor
people (to direct customers, neaten up etc) all day. Carole and Dotti
will help on the floor from 10-1 and Lanie Bittner from 1-3.
We need three shifts of checkers and cashiers (at least two on each
shift, possibly four for the first shift) The shifts are : 9-12, 12-3 and

After the sale on Saturday we need to pack up the books and stack them
against the far wall. We need to take down the tables and put away the
chairs. Please, let me known if you can help with that part. The sale
ends at 5 and we can probably stay until we are done.

On Monday we will go through the books that are left and sort them in
three or four categories:

  1. Books to use for the Antique Mall book shelf that Cameron Crounse will let us utilize.
  2. Books to be recycled (trash)
  3. Books to go to Orange Co. sale (we will give them those)
  4. Books to take to Green Valley auction.

We will also need several people with trucks or station wagons to
transport the books that are to go to Orange Co. or the auction and take
them back into storage.

To recap:
Friday, October 8— lots of people to help putting up tables and sorting
the books onto those tables (I will have signs ready). We begin at noon
and will work until we are done.
Saturday, October 9–checkers and cashiers, floor people, help to box up
the books and stacking them. Sale runs from 9-5.
Monday, October 11– sorting the books, transporting. We begin at 9 am.

Thank you!

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Scottsville Library has a new Children’s Librarian!

Scottsville Library warmly welcomes BG Stinchfield as our new children and youth services  librarian. BG has a long and rich history within the JMRL system, watch for the Scottsville Monthly for a full article. We are very lucky to have her, and we hope to keep BG for a long time!

BG Reads to Scottsville children

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